At Pharmer Engineering we know that what makes us great are our talented employees. We are always looking for talented professionals to join our team. Whether you are fresh out of college or have years of experience, we have a role for you. Our office, located on the Boise Bench, is home to 10 full time professionals ranging from P.Es, to EITs, to administration.

We asked our employees what they value most about working at PHARMER and this is what we narrowed it down to:

Work Environment: We are an office of professionals who appreciate casual work environment.

Opportunity for Growth: We understand that growth is achieved through challenging situations that require learning. You have to be motivated to work hard in groups and individually- you can’t just hide in the corner and punch your time card. There are always opportunities to learn, contribute, and thrive here at Pharmer, including allowances for professional development

Work Life Balance: We understand the need for a healthy work life balance, whether it’s for family or hobbies, we strive to give our employees the freedom of flexibility. We don’t require a rigid work schedule, just accountability that you are working hard when you say you are. Many employees take their personal time for hunting, fishing, or skiing.

Meaningful work: Our team provides high quality engineering work to our clients and we take pride in that. We want our employees to take pride in the company and the work they do.

Collaboration: We believe that each individual brings their own unique expertise and abilities and they are encouraged to increase their skill set. If you love what you’re doing you will want to apply yourself. With the diversity of knowledge, we then bring together our expertise in a team fashion to deliver the best service available to our clients.

Self-Management: Don’t like someone breathing down your neck as you work? We don’t either. Our engineers have the autonomy to work hard and make decisions.

Location: Boise is a great place for the outdoor enthusiast, but not so far isolated that there isn’t a big-city feel. Boise has been rated among the ‘most livable cities in the US’ and ‘best cities for raising a family in the US’ by Forbes Magazine. We like it here.

Employment Listings: For employment inquiries, email a cover letter and resume to You can also check out current job openings on our LinkedIn page.