industrial capabiltiesPharmer Engineering works in Federal contracting directly with multiple agencies or as a Tier I subconsultant on Design-Build Water, Wastewater, and Fish Hatchery Projects. Recently Pharmer was awarded two projects with the Federal Government.

Project 1 – Biogas Power Generation Scoping Assessment Feasibility Study. Pharmer Engineering is serving as a technical consultant to the U.S. Trade and Development Agency to review work associated with three wastewater treatment companies in Brazil. Pharmer Engineering will provide technical services including:

  • Plan, coordinate and manage scoping assessment resources
  • Assess energy usage
  • Define best technical configurations
  • Perform financial and economic analysis
  • Review regulatory requirements
  • Conduct a development impact assessment
  • Conduct preliminary environmental impacts
  • Develop an implementation roadmap for each project
  • Prepare a final report

Project 2 – Fish and Wildlife Fish Hatchery Floating Pump Station, Willow Beach Arizona. Pharmer Engineering is a Tier I sub as the lead design engineer for a floating pump station to serve the Willow Beach Fish Hatchery in Arizona. The project consists of a dock mounted pumping station and screening intake to deliver 5,000 gallons per minute of water from the Colorado River to the Fish Hatchery.